World’s 1st Social Shopping App – Shopcade

What is Shopcade?

Shopcade ( is considered the world’s first social shopping app. It’s like Amazon and Facebook fused together and injected with fashion. It is often referred to in the media as a “shoppable Instagram” too.

imageThe concept was born out of observing new generation buying and sharing behaviours and understanding how to position commerce around those behaviours.

On the most basic level, it’s about the union of content and commerce. I saw a lot of sites that were e-commerce, but lacking content and lacking quality curation. There was no one site for e-commerce that was social and it wasn’t quite working on larger social media platforms.

It is very entertaining and we always keep our content fresh and new, always with our community of users in mind and what they want to see in regard to celebrity trends, general fashion trends and the newest and coolest brands.


Why is shopcade different from other fashion sites?

Our community of nearly one million users can browse through celebrity styles, create wish lists from what’s trending and the key is that they can shop their favourite looks all in one place. Therer is also the added bonus of exclusive deals from our network of retail partners.

Shopcade is web based and mobile and it’s free to download on iOS and Android

The app is completely addictive, so beware!

What is one of the biggest perks to work for a company like Shopcade?

We throw the bestparties ever!


Two sentences encouraging fashion entrepreneurs.

If anyone is interested in starting a fashion tech company, just do it. The most important thing that I can advise is to stop talking about projects. If you have a project in mind, initiate it. The tech industry is open, young and meritocratic, making it a great environment for entrepreneurs.


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