TwoSidez Leads Croatian EDM & Gives Back to Their Country

Jimi Hendrix once said: Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music. Definitely music for us means everything. Music is the best way to fill up our battery’s. Party’s, music production and sharing our music to our fans is the way what makes us happy and what push us forward every day. We are coming from Croatia, little country in Europe, but still big if you look deeper in the music industry. We have a lot of music festivals in our country. One of them and probably the biggest is for sure Ultra Europe Festival. We all have a dreams and one of them is for sure to party with our Croatian people on the stage of Ultra Europe Until now we got some amazing support from big DJ names around the world, but with 50/50 Global Musik Inc label we are sure that our production and party’s will go on another level. Our last party was sold out, with sponsorship from 50/50 Global Musik Inc and Monster Products, we are really pleased to work with those guys! 2015 year will be huge, as we are waiting for releases of our 2 new singles, there will be compilation with our 3 new unreleased tracks and much more, but everything else fans will know on time. We should also point out that we are active and in humanitarian way, that is, that we are donating our profits from the single Syndrom to an association that helps children suffering from malignant diseases in the country of Croatia. We orient ourselves to the Progressive / Electro House style and that music style definitely inspires us. In our production we are trying to input and styles like Dubstep, D’n’B, depends on the inspiration. For sure we can say that 2015 year will be big year for Twosidez! See you on the dance floor Twosiders!

Croatian EDM

EDM in Croatia is growing every day and it’s growing really fast. You probably heard about a beach called Zrće, close to the old town Novalja on the island of Pag? Yeah, people all around the world are coming to Croatia in the summer time to party on Zrće beach. The biggest names from EDM industry are performing there every year and the parties are around the clock – all day and all night. People around the world are already calling this place Croatian Ibiza. We can also be proud to say that our country already hosted Ultra Europe festival and the contract is made for a 5 year period. 2 years have already passed and people around the world were totally thrilled. For three more years our country will be a home for one of the largest music festival in the world. There were around 150 000 people last year alone and all those people came to party in our country. This is huge considering that Croatia is very small. People were amazing and it was one of the craziest party we ever saw. Maybe one day we will also stand in front of them. Who knows.

Giving Back

When we decided to create the group Twosidez, we promised that we will give every single penny (or Croatian “lipa”) from our song “Syndrom” to one of the associations that takes care of people suffering from malignant diseases.
One of our friend was ill and he was suffering from leukemia and , thank God, he beat the disease. Inspired by his courage and the fight against this disease we decided to donate money from our song “Syndrom” to association called “Firefly”. “Firefly” is an association committed to helping children and families facing malignant diseases. Our friend is a member of that association and we thank him for his support from the beginning and we hope that our “Syndrom project” will be at least a little help to the “Firefly” association.

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