Toronto’s Andrea Godin is Ready for 2015

My name is Andrea Godin, and I am a Canadian pop recording artist and songwriter. After coming off a rewarding year in 2014, I’ve had a chance to sharpen my skills more than ever and I’m all set for what the new year has in store.

This past year I’ve been able to accomplish things that I could have only dreamed of a few years ago. It was definitely a year of a lot of firsts in my music career. I had always wanted to go on tour for music and work with people who inspired me, and that I looked up to. I had the opportunity to go on tour with Aaron Carter and also join boyband OTOWN on one of their American tour dates. It felt amazing to be able to perform in a concert-type setting with a crowd who really appreciated the show. To meet these artists and get their insight and advice on the business is always a plus, especially as an independent artist.

Glamour. That’s what people think what being an artist is all about. It’s the exact opposite of that and I keep learning that more and more everyday. Some of my other firsts this past year include things like releasing a collaboration on Sony Music Italy, charting #6 on iTunes, charting on radio in Germany, and doing my first ever red carpet walk at the Toronto International Film Festival. Sure, they seem glamorous and I am beyond happy and thankful to have these as some of my accomplishments. The behind the scenes work that goes into things like this (and everything else from events to releases) is non-stop. Rehearsals, meetings, late nights, early mornings, planning out your whole musical year of releases and promotional plans, the list goes on. It can be overwhelming and exhausting at times. But I love it. Every moment of hard work is worth when I get to step foot on stage.

The other part of being a recording artist that I love, of course, is recording and being in the studio. Songwriting and hearing my own ideas start from nothing and come to life in a full blown song. It’s a feeling most artists probably can’t even describe. The producers, The Rezza Brothers, that I began working with in 2014 helped me see this more than ever. Especially with the most recent song that we wrote and recorded. This new song has brought my sound to a whole other level. It felt like a party in the studio when we finished the recording and listened to it all the way through for the first time, and that’s what I love equally as much as being on stage.

Highlights. When I think about highlights of 2014, I think of my release party for my single Pages. What a night that was with some amazing people to celebrate the release at popular nightclub Tryst in Toronto. It was full of surprises from Canadian stars Karl Wolf, 4Count, iSH, and NYC’s recording artist Roger Ortega who all came to show their support. It was a great opportunity to promote the song and it’s definitely a night I would relive in a heartbeat.
I have learned so much about the business side of things in music, and even though I’m sure I have a lot more to learn when it comes to that, my amazing hard-working team and I are going to take it and run with it. I regularly release my musical projects and singles such as Hot Summer, Pages, The Melody, and many more. They’ve had such great response from listeners and have aired on radio and featured in magazines, blogs and TV worldwide. But with us applying this new knowledge to everything we do, I can just imagine how far we will be able to reach.

I am currently in the studio working on my upcoming EP, revamping my show with my choreographer and dancers, and promoting my most current single Bullet. 2015 is looking to be an even better year with some new projects that I can’t wait to share with everyone!

Canada's Andrea Godin is Ready for 2015_

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