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Zady, the first brand born online dedicated entirely to the conscious consumer and combatting fast-fashion, announced today plans to launch its own private label in time for the 2014 holiday shopping season. Unlike the traditional model, Zady will roll out its line through individual products, beginning with a women’s knit wool sweater. To start, the Zady line will be comprised of essentials, made exclusively in countries with highly-regulated labor and environmental laws- beginning with the U.S., with the highest standards for ethics and sustainability ever seen for an everyday, ready-to-wear, label. Zady’s reserved approach supports the company’s overall mission to provide items timeless in style and built to last, giving consumers the option to invest in their wardrobe over time, as opposed to fast-fashion’s throwaway consumption model.

“We are aiming to provide our customers with the essential knit sweater they will cherish for a lifetime,” said Maxine Bédat, co-founder of Zady. “We are excited to have our hands in the entire process, from farm to closet. Getting to this level of detail takes time, resources, and finding and supporting a community of suppliers that will be proud of this new level of transparency that we are bringing to market. Once we have our sweater mastered, we plan to expand the line to focus on other timeless pieces made from the best natural materials.”

Producing domestically will play a large role in Zady’s sustainability efforts. The Zady sweater will use all- natural materials and the company will source its wool from Imperial Stock Ranch in Shaniko, Oregon. Zady selected this farm due to its conservation management plan, which relies on the importance of grazing animals and excludes the process of plowing the land to reduce chemical inputs into the soil and create a carbon positive environment. The farm also stores, and uses every drop of rain captured on the property. From there, the wool will be treated in Jamestown, SC and sent to Philadelphia to G.J. Littlewood & Sons for dyeing. The process will be domestic from start to finish, with the garment manufactured in Southern California. Through all of this, Zady’s co-founders will follow along closely, ensuring there’s no room for excessive waste, and to prevent the risk of outsourcing to “shadow factories”—something typically seen when production takes place in country’s with unenforced or weak labor and environmental laws.

“Our online presence has enabled us to grow in ways we never would have envisioned for our first year,” says Soraya Darabi, co-founder of Zady. “Our mission is bold, and we credit that to the real-time feedback, and rapid-fire word-of-mouth support, we have received through our digital platform. It has helped us take those relationships offline into the real world, even more now with the Zady line.”

The news of Zady’s line comes on the heels of the company celebrating its one-year anniversary and supports its mission to continue to grow as one of the leading forces of the slow-fashion movement. Since launching, Zady has already successfully operated three brick-and-mortar pop-up stores, including one within LaGuardia Airport’s Delta Terminal. They’ve also had the privilege of partnering with Vespa during the holiday season, as well as launching a number of co-designed products in collaboration with several of Zady’s brand partners, including Alice*D. The Zady line is the latest example of how quickly the company is growing.

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About Zady

Zady is a brand born online, dedicated to a rapidly-growing demographic: the modern, conscious customer, who care about the origins of the items they purchase. Zady sources and sells beautifully- made items, timeless in style, produced from makers who offer transparency of production, and have a strong focus on quality manufacturing processes. Co-founded by Maxine Bédat and Soraya Darabi, Zady is a mission-driven business set on taking a stand against the fashion industry’s norm of secrecy over transparency, and profit over responsibility. Named one of “The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Retail” by Fast Company, the company plans to launch its own line of goods, produced sustainably and ethically, by the 2014 holiday season. Learn more at

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The Zady Private Label Highest Standard for Sustainability and Ethics

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