The Future of NASCAR is Sara Elrod

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By Tim Savage

Sports marketing and branding revolves around one thing, the story. You can be the best in the game and if you don’t have a story, there is only the highlight reels to cover. If you are a good player with a great story, you will captivate the nation and the world.

Sara Elrod is the perfect combination of an All-American story and a winning record. She is about to take Nascar by storm.


Born in Wichita, Kansas in October 1993, Sara and her adoptive parents Bill and Donna Elrod, moved to Remington, Indiana where she lives today. Her competitive nature bloomed early showing her parents a deep desire to always be the first one to finish and always be fast. At the tender age of 5, Sara’s parents took her to her first race. That first exposure to Micro Sprint Racing at the US 24 Speedway would prove to be the catalyst to start Sara’s racing career. Sara’s parents did not want to encourage a hobby that would be half-heartedly approached so they agreed to support her entry to racing only if she would commit to race at least one year. 

Enthusiastically, Sara agreed and it wasn’t long before she was racing around a local track in her very own 100cc Jr. Sprint. After only 6 months of practice, Sara began her competitive racing career when she was only 6 years old.Sara had multiple feature wins and a championship in the Jr. Class which allowed her to move into the 600cc restricted micro sprint class. Her success continued and by age 12, Sara had moved into the Premier 600cc Outlaw Wing Micro Sprint Class. For more than 8 years, Sara has enjoyed success at this top level class.

While most kids her age are spending time in the classroom and regular extracurricular activities, Sara spent a great deal of time traveling to races. Fortunately, online school was an option so Sara was able to keep up with her studies along with a rigorous racing schedule. In 2012, she graduated from Tri-County Middle Senior High School and then enrolled in Ivy Tech Community College where she studies Business and Marketing in hopes of learning how she can grow her racing career off the track as well as on.

In 2013, she began to work with Nex Gen Motorsports’ Founder and CEO Charlie Patterson. As a result of that partnership, in December 2013, Sara ran her first ARCA test at Daytona with Bill Kimmel. This was her first time in a heavy bodied stock car and her solid performance with an average speed of 178.5 mph qualified her for an ARCA license.

Over the length of her young career, Sara has raced in 9 states including Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Currently racing about 30 races a year, Sara is certainly one to watch on the tracks as she works towards her goal of being number one in Sprint Cup along with being a positive role model for women in racing.


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