Millionaire Blonde

Millionaire Blonde it’s me, Maria Beatrice, it’s a solo-with-band project where a female songwriter gets contaminated by several musicians. I have always tried to speak about the generation where I belong, in many different ways, both deeply and superficial, with a quite light on love, passion, success overwhelming, guys and boys of my age.
I always thought that the best way to communicate with people it’s make the people able to download your music and from this moment create a new something starting from your work, as Trent Reznor does. For years, I released my music with creative commons licenses, to make people involved and free to create new music with my music.
In my country, also, several college’s radio hasn’t the chance to play the music with a copyright, with the creative commons licenses they were able to put my music on their radio and all the college students were able to hear it for years, I made a good move, altough I couldn’t know it in the first place, because this is one of the reason that made me famous.
I think today a young artist to get success must have a bunch of good tracks, honest tracks that come to the people, that make them dream and think about the life, the love, the passion, that make them laugh and smile and cry. It’s a start but it’s not enough, we must be fearless, so tough and tireless :)”

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