lettrs App honors Michelle Phan with 2014 “Persons of Note” Stamp

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lettrs™, the rapidly growing global messaging app, today announced a new branding and money-raising vehicle with the launch of the first social stamps on a mobile communications platform.

This development follows Google Play’s selection of the lettrs Android app as one of the Best Apps of 2014. The new socially shareable stamps are available on that app and the lettrs iPhone app.

The release of lettrs SocialStamps™, available today for smartphones and tablets, enables advertisers, personalities and nonprofit organizations to begin using the stamps to increase brand awareness and raise money for causes.

Unlike a postal stamp, the digital stamps are smart in that they capture data and can be shared across all major social networks and across the lettrs user base of 174 countries.

The data-driven stamps will also work as a new distribution model for advertisers, allowing promotions to be embedded in the stamp and activated on messages within the lettrs network, which generated more than 750 million impressions this year. The app company RideScout is the first to advertise an app on a SocialStamp.

lettrs users now can access a limited-edition collection of SocialStamps spanning art, images and history, as well as branded stamps. Each stamp is available for private or public messages distributed on the lettrs messaging platform and shareable across all major social networks.

A commemorative 2014 “Persons of Note” SocialStamp series distinguishes people who “Make their Mark,” including Bob Woodruff, ABC News correspondent and co-founder of the Bob Woodruff Foundation; Gen. Stanley McChrystal of the Franklin Project for national service; Michelle Phan, a millennial social media entrepreneur; and Narendra Modi, prime minister of India.

Organizations, including United Way of New York City, are joining in the launch with a special stamp for fundraising. “This is a smart and charitable innovation that we have not seen before, and we believe it will have great long-term appeal to millennial supporters and smartphone users,” said Elena Pak, Senior Vice President of Resource Development at United Way of New York City.

During the holiday season, lettrs is funding donations totaling as much as $25,000 to the United Way and causes affiliated with the Persons of Note.

“We expect the first social stamps network to be the crown jewel of the lettrs messaging experience,” said Drew Bartkiewicz, founder and CEO of lettrs. “Advertisers, personal brands and charities can use the in-app stamps to deepen relationships with customers and supporters through elegant, tasteful, fun and permanent messages that consumers desire.”

Bartkiewicz continued: “I am honored to recognize Bob Woodruff, Stan McChrystal, Michelle Phan and Narendra Modi as Persons of Note for 2014. We expect that the SocialStamps issued in their names will become increasingly special and collectible in future digital stamp collections.”

In addition to the Persons of Note stamps, the SocialStamps launched today include:

  • A collection of 39 designer stamps with a limited-edition 2014 series mark
  • SocialStamps that raise money for charitable causes, based on usage, as part of the lettrs Foundation
  • Three historic stamps from the golden decades of actual postal letters

This video shows how SocialStamps work.

About lettrs™

lettrs™ is the social messaging app for lasting words. The company provides its own mobile network for personalized messages, mobile stamps and original signatures. With users from 174 countries communicating in 80 languages, lettrs offers a global platform to help brands, nonprofit organizations and consumers share messages that matter. The mobile app company lettrs is 2 percent owned by the lettrs Foundation, which is dedicated to elevating literacy and legacy in the next generation.

Founder and CEO Drew Bartkiewicz, a West Point and Yale University graduate and a Gulf War veteran, started lettrs in his kitchen with his wife and three children.

For more information, visit lettrs.
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