Lauren Marsh Classic Styling

I’m Lauren Marsh an independent singer-songwriter from New Jersey! Although I’ve been experimenting with fashion since high school, my style has always fallen somewhere in between Boho and an edgy rock ‘n’ roll feel.

Many friends of mine have said that when they go shopping, they see clothes that they could only define as something I would wear. Although my style isn’t something that I purposely planned, as a performer it’s pretty awesome to hear this.

A classic styling choice I make is pairing together a comfy, ordinary t-shirt with a big statement necklace. This brings a touch of glam to any ordinary day and who doesn’t love a comfy t-shirt?

My elephant t-shirt and no drugs t-shirt are both from Forever 21, while the necklace I paired with the elephant t-shirt is from Anthropologie and the necklace with the no drugs t-shirt is from H&M.

Lauren Marsh Classic Styling_

When it comes to getting a bit more dressed up, I’m all about free-flowing dresses. Dresses that hug up top, but have a flowing skirt are my absolute favorite.

This sea foam BCBG dress (below) was featured in my new music video for my single “OH OH (Hold My Heart)”. It was then featured again as the cover photo for the single. This picture was taken at Jack’s Greenhouse Farm, where my family and I buy our Christmas trees every year.

Lauren Marsh Classic Styling_

The great thing about free-flowing dresses is that they come in longer styles as well! This red-orange dress (below) has slits on either side to allow for freedom of movement, while remaining fitted on top.

This photo was taken at Hopewell Valley Vineyards, a local vineyard in my hometown. My stylist suggested a plum lip color against the red-orange dress to resemble wine grapes. Then I paired a large silver statement necklace.

Lauren Marsh Classic Styling__

Til next time,

Lauren <3


*Photos by Laura DeSantis-Olsson

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