Kanye West to Help Kylie Jenner with Her First Single

By Leah Melby Clinton

gift_cardTrue story: There’s talk that Kylie Jenner is on her way to becoming a music star, thanks to help from bro-in-law Kanye West. “Kanye has been helping her with her music. He has been mentoring her and the two have been working on her first single together,” a source tells Radar. “Kanye wants to see Kylie succeed in the industry and he knows that with her talent and his guidance, she can actually make a name for herself.”

With all the recent hullabaloo surrounding the Kardashian klan news (Kim’s second pregnancy, everything about Caitlyn Jenner), this might actually be the piece of news that’s the most surprising. While we wait to hear if there’s actual music behind the rumor, one thing’s for sure: Kylie’s recent adaption of bodycon dressesshort-shorts, and crop tops certainly has her looking like a pop star.


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