Is The Grass Any Greener?

By Gerry Sorge, CPC, CSP \ @gerrysorge

Hobson Associates

It’s fall here in New England, and if you take really good care of your lawn it will most likely look like a ‘Scotts Lawn’ commercial this time of the year. But is it really any greener than the one down the street?

I came to Hobson Associates to make a difference. The grass wasn’t any greener where I was previously-but I was trying to make a difference and be greener (wait, that doesn’t sound right from a sales perspective).

As a Partner here at Hobson with industry tenure, you can’t imagine the calls I get… I come across countless people who are just not satisfied with their jobs, and are searching for the proverbial “greener pasture”. So in comes the resume with the standard 1 year or 2 years job- but where’s the sizzle? Where are the numbers? Was the grass any greener when they made that last move, did they do their due diligence when they made that job jump? What were they thinking?

We take recruitment pretty seriously and are not interested in tire kickers, or the ones who constantly ask “hey what do you got”? Hey, I got nothing, what do YOU got? What’s your sizzle?

[INSIDER INFO: Headhunters look for “sizzle”, quantifiable achievement or accomplishments that separate you from other candidates]

Hobson Associates is looking for great talent to make that difference for both the candidate and the client. The BEST candidates don’t have to make a move but they will if we tell them a compelling story! The sizzle needs to be on both sides!

So if you’re looking for a new job, stop focusing on whether the grass might be greener- but instead focus on developing your sizzle and how you can make your pockets look a heck of a lot greener!

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