Hip Hop Makes Moves With Blue October


Hip Hop is Back. Kentucky is representing the core elements of Hip Hop with a combined release of the Bluegrass regions’s best artists in one month called #BlueOctober. The Big Blue State that sits at the “Top of the South” is letting the world of Hip Hop know how it is to be done.

Leaders of the Blue School. The #BlueOctober representation of talent crosses the full spectrum of rap skills. Lady Killa & Vegas Posada bring raw street skills. Sheisty Khrist & LoFidel deliver the old school representation with “Cold Winter”. R.E.A.L is an emcee’s emcee that combines contemporary underground sound . Allen Poe delivers an album  an album that J-Dilla would have on repeat. Devine Carama brings a classic. It is expected that “Believing in Forever” will deliver one of Kentucky Hip Hop’s finest to the national scene.

Real Recognize Real. Hip Hop brings people together to celebrate a community. It is not about the kicks you wear or the people that you know. It is all about the community of Hip Hop. Attend to the shows, the open mics and show love on the regular. That is the essence of Hip Hop. Skills are built on love. The love of the people in Hip Hop and the respect of the ones who have gone first, the ones leading today and the ones on the come up.

Represent #BlueOctober. Hip Hop is about people respecting people and skills sharpening skills. If you are a carbon copy of what is already on the scene, you need to step off. Every one of the rappers, beat makers, DJs, fans, open mics and fans involved with these albums are bringing it real. Check the records below, purchase each album & tweet to all of your friends.

Cold Winter

“We didn’t get too weird with this project. We’ll save that for a later time. We wanted to give you a nuts and bolts approach to music by giving you things that were not too far outside the normal perview of what constitutes as music. At the same time we wanted to challenge the listener by subverting the normal context of music and turning it on its head. Fidel and I challenged each other through soundscapes and lyricism that we might turn the old into something entirely new. Everything one thinks they know about music is there. But beneath that is something entirely new. COLD WINTER is as basic and as challenging as an album can be. We think that people will be willing to travel with us both as we mine a bunch of very complex territory.” – Sheisty Khrist
“I truly believe Cold Winter covers every single aspect of what the music I create means to me. Sheisty Khrist and I have managed to create an audible masterpiece. I imagine Cold Winter as being exiled to a cabin in the Arctic with nothing but ration bars, a turntable, psychedelic records, and lots of hallucinogens.” – LoFidel

Iron Mic Sharp – LadyKilla and Vegas Posada

“Iron Mic Sharp” is a collaborative album  between Vegas Posada and myself. Entirely produced by Well Blended, “IMS” is a slice of Monday Night Raw mixed with Yo! MTV Raps. Posada and I trade verses bar for bar like two tag team champions training for a pay per view title defense. This album sets the bar for a new style and sound. I believe that we have crafted a masterpiece! – LadyKilla


Believing In Forever – Devine Carama

Believing In Forever drops on my birthday, Monday October 27th and is available for Pre-order now! It’s my 14th project & 5th full length solo album in 10 years. All proceeds will go to my children’s non profit organization, Believing In Forever Inc. The album release party which will feature fellow Blue October cohorts Sheisty Khrist, Allen Poe, & Real Tha Poet, will be Friday, October 31st on Halloween night! – DevineCarama

What is Believing In Forever? 
“Believing In Forever is a motivational speech to young MCs coming into the game. In an instant gratification regeneration that often forgets it’s linage and those that laid the path before them, this album is a reminder to them that integrity wins in the end. The theme of this album goes beyond the scope of just a rapper’s plight. We all often struggle between our passion and getting paid, what we love and making a living, our purpose and our priorities. Just trying to balance it all out. But at the end of the day if you stay true to your culture, your craft, your purpose, and give your all you WIN regardless of the outcome. This album is about not investing in things that are temporary but rather believing in forever..”
Believing In Forever Inc. info – https://www.facebook.com/BelievingInForever

 The Real World - R.E.A.L tha Poet

The album will feature production from label mate J-Ideas as well as Lexington, KY producer Jonesy of the Bizarre Czars and upcoming beatsmith Shaud out of Baltimore, MD. REAL does most of the driving on this album with one lone feature from label mate Brandon Jones.

R.E.A.L uses his unique view of everyday life to paint a vivid picture on “The REAL World”. While staying true to his hip-hop roots REAL is able to craft a style all his own which lends itself to several genres. The album features singles “Starving Artist” and “Black Like Me” as well as the chilling “Journey of Allen Strange”.

“R.E.A.L Tha Poet is one of the few artists that’s continued to show improvement while developing his own sound. It’s a vintage Hip-Hop vibe that just platforms off his words whenever he rhymes, and his ability to tie in things from his upbringing alongside his snarky commentary is refreshing, to say the least.”- theredfined.com For more information please contact Urban Creek Records (urbancreek4@gmail.com/917-406-3336)




How Gardens Grow – Allen Poe

Production: Amerigo Gazaway, Art Vandelay, Ben Jamin’, Cody Jordan, Cookin’ Soul, Dr. Dundiff, IV The Polymath, Javi, Lofidel, Lushlife, Manifest, Nemo Achida, PJ Katz, Weirddough

Lead Single: Lookin for Sumthin

Allen Poe has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his next street release, the How Gardens Grow mixtape.

The follow-up to early 2014′s Booth-hosted Pocket Full of Ohms, the project is a loose conceptual piece documenting the personal growth one experiences between one’s early twenties and early thirties. None of its 13 original tracks have previously been featured in the Booth.

Denmark Vessey, DJ Calcutta and Jalin Roze are Poe’s only collaborators on the LP (The artist explains, “I intentionally limited the amount of features on this album to show I can carry a project.”), which packs production by the likes of Cookin’ Soul, Nemo Achida, Lushlife and PJ Katz.

Fans can also check out Allen Poe’s previous albums: Allen Poe – Pocket Full of Ohms

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