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Deluxe Rails Developer

The best. You do not know a anyone better than you. Whether you are a CTO, Director of Engineering, Founder or Lead Developer. We want the best. We will surely pay for it.You thrive in an environment where you are empowered to independently identify needs and opportunities, build solutions against those, and make massive impacts with your contributions. Put more simply, “If the ball’s falling, you catch it” and “if you see an opportunity, you grab it”. You are both a thinker and a do-er. You know you have the skills to do great things but maybe you’ve been unable to fully unleash your full potential due to the environments where you’ve worked. If you hunger to test your limits, grow, and learn, then keep reading…

The Company

They exist to make creators more empowered, brands more authentic, and the web a more beautiful place.

They build tools and a community for the best bloggers, photographers, and designers to distribute their visual creations even more broadly, beginning with Pinterest. Through facilitated curation, plus distribution through the world’s most iconic brands, we’ve empowered independent creatives to turn their hobbies into vocations, passions into businesses, and one-person shops into venture-backed startups.

The Job

You will be a key leader in the development of our server-side, framework-driven backend. We build in Ruby on Rails and Postgres. You should be passionate about delivering rock-solid code, minimal downtime, and well-planned APIs. They utilize TDD in our development and this should be a passion for you as well.

Apply Here or tim@talentattach.com

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