Hidden Fashion Gems in Dallas

By Christine Saba

I’m a recent transplant to Dallas starting with a fresh new edtech start up. Moving from the east coast to Texas – and yes I say Texas because as William Blakely said, “Texas is neither south nor west. Texas is Texas” — I’ve learned that fashion is everything. You don’t shop, eat, drink, or socialize without looking your absolute best. 

Snider’s Plaza is the hidden gem of Dallas fashion. Most folks from out of town may stumble across it when visiting Southern Methodist University (SMU)’s campus, which sits directly across from it. 

With a mix of high-end fashion boutiques that will drain your pocket and others that offer an average price tag of $40 it’s a great place to walk and shop. 

I believe that what you wear speaks to your personality. Shopping here is like spending a day with your best girlfriends in paradise and not wanting to leave. Each clothing item brings a new identity to my closet – fashionista, business professional, down home country girl or southern bell, and the list goes on. 

Some of my favorite boutiques include: 

Dear Hannah – amazing fashion, always meeting the trends and if you walk in and don’t love the atmosphere and every piece of clothing on the racks you’re doing something wrong. 

Gemma Collection – classic jewelry pieces for everyone and the opportunity to personalize them

Impeccable Pig, Cotton Island, and Bittano

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