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eOLIO derives from the word e-portfolio. It makes perfect sense to have that old school portfolio, your paper collection of work, awards and achievements available online. After all, content is king.

We all have that stack somewhere. Awards we’ve received, amazing work samples, fantastic images – it’s all your content… content you should be sharing. The idea behind having an eOLIO is to digitalize that awesome content of yours, brand it and create a real statement that you can share, direct people to and drive your personal SEO with. (How you rank on Google)

You are a brand. Just like a corporation, you can manage how your brand in perceived. Think of all the sharing that happens online, senseless and brand-damaging sometimes. Why not maximize that opportunity?

The eOLIO platform provides a suite of tools to help you create, control and enhance your online brand. You can easily create personally branded, totally dynamic content that can be easily shared across your social networks.

Here’s how to get started: (it only takes a few minutes to get going)

Go to www.myeOLIO.com Click on Sign up, choose the premium membership for added panels, audio/video uploading and added creative options. The promo code is 07072014

After you receive a verification email, you’ll land at your Dashboard. Your Dashboard is the hub of it all, with a premium membership you’ll have access to lots of extra features.

Click create an eOLIO. Here’s the skinny:

The Cover

This is where you’ll put in the information seen on the cover panel of your eOLIO, the first thing people see. Here, you’ll add an image, your name, title, personal slogan and create your unique URL.


Here you’ll choose your theme, fonts and color pallet. Every combination is preselected by designers to ensure that whatever you choose, is complimentary.


Upload your image, resume, voice or video clip here. Your media will appear under your cover panel.

The Pitch

This is your chance to introduce yourself. Your pitch should be quick, clear and capture who you are and what you do. A few sentences maximum.

Social Connections

Be found on social media! This is a great way to put everything in one place and invite people to take a look at your profiles.


This part of your eOLIO improves your search engine rankings. Make sure to use relevant keywords about yourself so that when someone searches up that particular word, you come up in their search.


This is a great way to visually show what you’re really good at. List your skills, when ranking them 10 is the best.


Here’s where you’ll drop your pin on the map! Enter your address to position your pin on the eOLIO map to help Locators find you. Your address details will not be stored or shared.

More – Extra Panels

Here is where you can upload work examples, images of you or your hobbies, photography you’ve done, awards, personality test results, accolades or testimonials from past employers or business partners. Here is where you really make things interesting – remember what makes you unique, makes you successful.

Try it, it’s free with promo code 07072014 www.myeOLIO.com

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