Copenhagen’s Anne Marie Bush Releases Hi-Tech Chick

Anne Marie released the second single HiTech Chick on February 17th from her upcoming album UnZipped – (Artista Group Santa Monica / Billberg Entertainment Ltd / Yellow Rhinestone Records) – Globally available in all digital megastores and streaming platforms.

The catchy dance song is playfully performed by the Danish singer-songwriter whose influences range from Pop to Soul, RnB and Dance.

“I was writing HiTech Chick in my studio in Copenhagen while listening to some different tracks with an upbeat feel. I have been so focused on gear and the production part the past years that I felt like a “geeky chick”, so I came up with the HiTech Chick hook first. From there the song evolved on it’s own natural course, and I recorded all the vocals and the basic demo in my own studio, and had one of my local producer friends produce the music and the final track”, says Anne Marie.

Anne Marie has been very focused the past years writing, recording and producing her own songs in her own studio in Copenhagen.

13 songs were picked for the new album UnZipped.

“On my new album UnZippedI have basically been in charge of everything myself, which was a mind blowing experience since you have to make so many decisions yourself all along the way, which ends up having a huge impact on the final result.”

“I have been writing some of my songs and lyrics when travelling to Los Angeles while sitting alone late at night at my hotel in Venice Beach, and I have also been writing a bunch of songs and ideas to different tracks from different producers which stood out and inspired me. The tracks have been co-produced by a variety of different up-and-coming talented producers in Denmark.

I basically recorded and edited all vocals at home, which gave me ultimate artistic control, flexibility and freedom.

“Most of the songs has been tweaked, re-mixed and re-mastered several times in different studios till I was finally happy about it. Yet you always end of thinking I would love to modify the EQ of the snare-drum, the level of the different instruments, the arrangement of the bridge etc etc.”

“The ballads I basically wrote alone by my piano in my studio, and Fly,my first single, was written in Stockholm at a café’, last minute call, right before going to the studio recording a package of 5 new demos. I wrote the top-lines to a track made by Tommy Denander and Chris Demming”. The final production and mix was made by a friend of mine in Copenhagen, Kenn R Larsen, He also produced my 2nd “Disney-ballade” on the album called I Won’t Run Away, which I wrote in my home studio.”

“It’s exciting and scary at the same time to finally let go of all the songs, the project, and the entire album. Each song needs to find a new home now, and it’s own place in other people’s hearts – Time to spread their wings and fly.”

“Hopefully the songs will help establishing a broad and inspiring fan-base.

I am ready to reach out and establish my platform as a performing artist, and meet my audience.

I also can’t wait to start working on my next album. This time around it will be more organic, with added live instruments and real players mixed with vintage sounds, loops, beats etc.

It will be very authentic.”

“I am very excited about my next career move, since I have been writing for so many other cool projects and singers while living in L.A, such as Narada Walden, Aaron Carter and Leslie Carter, and for other major artists in Asia such as Sarah Geronimo”, Anne Marie states.

“I am ready to take my solo career to the next level, by introducing a broader sound, my new singles, add. videos, and my album UnZipped. I have been very focused the past years writing, recording and producing my own songs. I have up-grated my studio, and turned into producing and editing my own music videos as well.”

“I am mixing the soulful pop ballads with RnB, house and EDM, collaborating with several successful DJ’s in order to get a wider sound, and in order to reach the big dance venues and intimate clubs”, Anne Marie states.

Anne Marie was based out of Santa Barbara and Los Angeles California for 8 years, where she worked with the elite in the music biz such as Narada Walden, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Michael Caruso, Greg Phillinganes, Robert Palmer, Peter Roberts, Warren Huart, Bruce Gaitsch, Janey Clewer, Britney Spears, Brian Mann, Ken Larish etc.

Several of Anne Marie’s songs are featured worldwide on TV and Film as well. One of her recent singles Feel U was broadcast in the Amr. Movie Every Day starring “Helen Hunt”.     Anne Marie’s prior singles such as SupaSexual and I Wanna Be reached Top 10, Hot Rotation (DRP4), and the worldwide dance charts.

Visit her website for tour dates, single – & album releases, promo gigs, news etc.

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Anne Marie’s new single HiTech Chick, is written and co-produced by Anne Marie. Produced by Jannik P, Available on iTunes, Spotify etc

HiTech Chick Video is produced by Anne Marie Bush – available on VEVO an…

HiTech Chick

New single and video performed and produced by Anne Marie Bush.

HiTech Chick Single available on iTunes.…/…/hitech-chick-single/id95637189

HiTech Chick – Single by Anne Marie Bush

Photo by 25 Frames/Anne Marie Bush.

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