Copenhagen’s Anne Marie Bush Does It All Herself

Anne Marie Bush, a Danish-International singer-songwriter/recording artist, based in DK, Copenhagen, and Los Angeles, CA.

Anne Marie has worked with the elite in the music business such as Narada Walden, Michael Caruso, Greg Phillinganes, Bill Champlin, Bruce Gaitsch, Britney Spears, and many more.

She has also been engaged to several international projects as a songwriter and vocal coach, mainly in L.A. (Aron Carter, Leslie Carter), and Anne Marie has had several songs of hers placed on American Film and TV.  (One of her recent single’s Feel U was broadcast in the amr. Movie Every Day starring Helen Hunt)

Anne Marie’s influences range from Pop to Soul, RnB, Country and Dance/Club Music.

“I love music, and I get inspired by so many wonderful artists, songwriters and producers, from way back in the sixties from the Motown and Disco era, all the way up to modern music. We are all somehow influenced by the real big spirits and amazing sound from Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, Deanna Ross, Ray Charles to Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey to bands like Coldplay and new artists from the club and dance scene, to pop and to modern country…It’s really fascinating with all the new music that is being created and published, and how it keeps changing and evolving. Even country has grown and become more popular and broad with powerful authentic statements”

Anne Marie has been very focused the past years writing, recording and producing her own songs in her own studio in Copenhagen.

I even produce and edit my own music videos now since it’s all back to controlling your own career and making things happen yourself, as  an independent artist. Due to all the social media and new fascinating platforms you can basically take charge yourself and create your own niche and career. Obviously you need a very creative team around you to take it to the next level and to guide you along. We all need a power team around us. As long as you keep fresh and take advantage of all the tools we have available, you can really stage yourself and make a huge impact. Be proactive, team up with sponsors, brands, fashion, hitech company’s, manufacturers and create some cool merch for the fans as well to enjoy. Invite them into your creative World and create some fascinating stories for the fans to fall in love with. Look at Lady Gaga, how far she made it; she combines music, fashion, PR, branding and merch in such a cool way where she invites all her fans into her unique World and let them become a huge part of it.

We will see a lot of new exciting musical commercial platforms emerging combined with live shows, concerts, events, gadgets, merch, TV, social media, online events, virtual tools and TV where it’s all about the consumer and their lifestyle, where they can also all interact, be an active part of it, and connect with each other.

We will see quite a lot of new exciting outlets and platforms for music in the next years to come. It’s a very exciting time”, Anne Marie states.

Anne Marie will release her next singles from her upcoming album UnZipped, first Quarter 2015.

Anne Marie has teamed up with several international DJs for collaboration, such as 50/50 Global Muzik EDM artist TwoSidez.

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