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By Jenny Diggles

YIX is a mobile game that’s similar to Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples, but uses animated GIFs in the gameplay. It is the first game that uses GIFs and was built by a team of six who built it because they wanted to play it. 

“We built YIX as a labor of love and fun because we love GIFs and saw the impact of multiplayer mobile gaming among friends,” said Jenny Diggles, Co-Founder and company President. “As our usage grew, so did our vision to make it a fun, engaging and increasingly rewarding experience for players and the brands who wish to reach them. Our company goal is to raise the happiness of the planet.




The app is currently available on iOS, but the team has plans to bring it to other platforms. It also features a “Party Play” option that allows for live game playing.


The YIX team is made up of 6 founders.
They ♥ the NW.
Located in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

Jasenka Gracic, Director of Project Management

Jasenka Gracic

Director of Project Management
Jostin Darlington, VP Product

Jostin Darlington

Tiffany Southworth, Director of Content

Tiffany Southworth

Director of Content
Jeremy Olmsted-Thompson, VP Technology

Jeremy Olmsted-Thompson

VP Technology
Jenny Diggles, President

Jenny Diggles

Benjamin Diggles, Director of Marketing

Benjamin Diggles

Director of Marketing

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