Chalkfly Brings Creativity to School and Office Supplies

“Shopping for office supplies online typically isn’t an inspiring, beautiful experience. Our new website design coupled with our 5% Giveback to teachers changes that. Customers can now purchase all of the supplies they need from any device with our clean, responsive design,” said Ryan Landau, Chalkfly’s Co-founder.

“In terms of style, I wanted to distance us from the competition, so I decluttered and streamlined every layout on the site,” said Adam Bridgewater, Chalkfly’s Creative Lead. “This enables users to focus on what counts, and—come to find out—plays really well with our responsive framework, and pays off big in page load time.”

Chalkfly Brings Creativity to School and Office Supplies

In preparation for the revamped site, and to address the unique Back-to-School product needs for parents and students, Chalkfly used historical data and worked with local Parent Teacher Organizations to learn which supplies are key for each grade. With this information, the “searchandising” team curated categories and Back to School kits organized by grade, providing refined options for shoppers. The kits make shopping easier and increase purchases by marketing additional in-demand Back-to-School products to users.

Office and school supply e-commerce retailer Chalkfly has launched a re-designed, fully responsive website that leverages SLI Systems search technology. Chalkfly’s use of SLI’s intuitive site search functionality enables customers to quickly and easily find and purchase items amid more than 60,000 products in office and school supply categories. In just four months using SLI, the e-commerce retailer has seen impressive boosts in conversion rate and average order value.

Chalkfly Brings Creativity to School and Office Supplies

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