By Anna Jednacz

Who said that Summer in the city is boring?

Maybe it is hot and exhausting and sometimes it feels like living in the concrete jungle but exciting it still is.

Most of my days and evenings are spent working on the content of my future website; stay tuned, more will be revealed in the next few weeks. It’s hard to focus at home, so I am always on the mission to find a perfect coffee shop with great crowd and ambience. Brooklyn is absolutely my very favorite neighborhood and I was so excited to find out, thanks to my friend who lives there, that there is a cafe in Williamsburg that is not bursting at the seams; it does not have the hipster playlist on repeat and you can even find a table there with no note attached informing you that laptops are banned during the weekend for the sake of holiness of inner balance. This magic place, which name I am almost anxious to reveal, is Blank Cafe located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This perfect oasis for hard working laptop lovers serves great coffee, and some Japanese snacks as well as charms you with classical music and spacious tables, armchairs and a sofa. Paradise in Williamsburg!

When I don’t drink coffee or write, I am continuously looking for stylish inspirations both for my image consulting business and the blog. This weekend I found two amazing books: How to tie a scarf, which by all means was always a question of life and death for me. Looking at the pictures, especially of some  Italian fashion magazines for men, I was just wondering: How do they do it that it looks so great and effortless. A scarf is a very powerful piece of accessory  but not so easy to master without good guidelines. I will definitely share my learnings. The second book is Chanel: The Couturier at Work, which in great details explains why couture is quite different from what is offered by street style inspired fast fashion stores.

Last but not least, my very dear friend who lives in Chicago now, surprised me with a beautiful fashion print for my future business venture. Hilda Glasgow, who is the artist behind it, was a great fashion illustrator working for magazines like Vogue in the 1940’s until 19060’s. Her daughter Liz Glasgow decided to continue her legacy by creating White Cabinet.
Stay in touch for more news about Hats to Shoes!
Please share your Summer inspiration with me!

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