3DBin Named One of the Best New iOS Apps in July

3DBin, which launched its debut iOS app last month, was selected as a top newcomer in the iTunes App Store’s by The Next Web, one of the world’s largest online publications covering Internet technology, business and culture.
3DBin App was on the list that included the Facebook messenger app that was optimized for iPads; a Google Analytics release; and Wikipedia’s app overhaul.
In a recent post titled “20 of the best new iOS apps from July,” The Next Web wrote:
“With 3DBin, you can create an animated photo of any entity. The iPhone app helps you create 360-degree or 180-degree photos — all you do is circle around your subject and shoot a series of shots. 3DBin then stitches them together to create something a little more encapsulating, covering multiple angles.”
Want to see what others are raving about? Take a spin with 3DBin: http://bit.ly/1yf9BmH


About 3DBin

3DBin, Inc., a Palo Alto based company, offers a software solution for 360 degree photography. 3DBin automatically processes and weaves together your snapshots to create interactive 3D photos. 3DBin App will change the way products are sold online. Using 3DBin App, you can create and post 3D photos of products on the go.


Visit the page for more information — 3Dbin.com/mobile

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3DBin Named One of the Best New iOS Apps in July

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