3DBin Gives Images a 360 View



By Tim Savage

The whole picture. Stop and start the 360 view of the image and see what you would like to see. 3DBin is brining the whole picture to the art of photography. This is beneficial in fashion, retail and events. Imagine getting a 360 view of the concert your friends are attending while they are there w/o all of the distorted ambient noise and offset lighting due to the capabilities of the smart phone video camera.

As a content marketer I see this app as being a game changer simply for a new way of sharing small sized content that tells a larger story. Videos are tough to load and watch since they bring in all the noise & light of the video. This can distort the intended message, which is either “look where I am” or take a “look at this awesome thing”. Pretty simple.

Check out their iPhone App and send me your thoughts to @TimSavage

Twitter : @3DBin_com

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